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Great. DJ AM is going to show up at my house.

April 21, 2009


DJ sensation, former addict, and plane crash survivor DJ AM has signed on with MTV for his own reality show called Gone Too Far. The show has DJ AM intervening in the lives of people whom he has deemed derailed by drugs and alcohol. The DJ and sorta friend has remarked about his distaste for my partying ways on the regular.  I am going to start dead-bolting the front door. Just in case I am on his “list.” The last thing I need is an intervention. If you know what I mean.


Mark Ronson: still not British

April 19, 2009


After doing almost no research I can confirm that UK DJ and miscellaneous music sensation Mark Ronson is in fact American. I came to this realization due to the fact that well he is American. I still haven’t quite figured out why he drives on the wrong side of the road yet. Maybe it’s the Mallomars? Maybe he DJs with his left hand?