Ikea vs the Holocaust Museum


Have you been to the Holocaust Museum in DC? If not let me catch you up. The place was built by expert architects to simulate the actual Holocaust experience. You come in and are handed the passport of a Holocaust victim. You are then ushered into a freight elevator and propelled to the very top. You are forced to experience the entire museum, due to the fact there are no exits until you reach the end. Upon exiting, you find out the fate of the person whose passport you have been carrying around. You are then free to exit the museum 8 hours later with a bag-full of off-color Holocaust memorabilia from the gift shop. A little depressed. If not very depressed. (But certainly with more knowledgeable with a greater understanding of this devastating time in our world’s history.)

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that sound a lot like another place I have been to. You can’t quite put your finger on it. I know. Let me help. It’s Ikea. Ikea is a furniture and home-furnishing type joint. Upon entering it, you are given a sheet of paper and a miniature pencil. You are ushered to the top of the escalator where your journey begins. You are then set to explore every item of furniture in the whole store before you reach the end. You are there to buy a sofa? Not anymore. You will be forced to shop for coffee tables and free standing shelving. Lamps and Swedish frozen foods even. You eventually will reach some sort of check-out where you are forced to buy everything you have written down during your journey. Your home is suddenly filled with brightly colored pieces of Swedish wood that you will be forced to build into those bunk beds and that dog tree house you don’t remember ordering. Voila. Kapow. You are left with a moderate case of buyers remorse, a slight case of clinical depression, and a home that looks like it was decorated by the cast members of Sesame Street.

Totally get it.


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One Response to “Ikea vs the Holocaust Museum”

  1. Sally Says:

    This post is of questionable taste, and so is my apartment. I love Ikea.

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